afe Auto-Belay System
You can rest assured that our rock climbing walls are safe as we staff each event with uniformed and trained personnel. Our auto-belay system that catches climbers if they fall meets ASTM F-24 safety requirements.

Our climbing walls are 8 feet wide by 24 feet high. Each climbing wall has at least three climbing routes, auto-belay safety system, and all the necessary equipment including harnesses. One of our walls includes four climbing routes and has a visible timing clock. Of course, we provide our trained and uniformed staff.

Depending on the wall you choose, at least three people can climb on the wall at a time. Each side has color-coded routes that are geared towards beginning, intermediate, and advanced climbers. Climbers need to be at least 3 years old and have a weight between 30 and 240 pounds. To View our Climbing Wall Blog - Click Here


The wall and its supporting infrastructure require a space that is 50 feet by 20 feet on the ground. If an event is indoors, the ceiling needs to be at least 25 feet high, and we need doorways that are at least nine feet by nine feet to get the wall into the building.

We can list event organizers and property owners on our insurance forms to make sure that all parties involved in providing this fun activity are insured.

We have friendly, knowledgeable, trained, and uniformed staff members that will ensure that all climbers have a safe and exciting time on the wall.

We offer multi-day rental discounts. Transportation fees will be included in the total rental package, and there are rental length minimums that vary according to the distance of the event from one of our bases. Events more than 50 miles away require at least 6 hour long rentals, and events more than 100 miles away require at least 8 hour long rentals. A deposit of half the rental total price is required before a booking a date, and the total balance must be paid upon arrival and prior to set up.

For Reservations please call
(801) 233-9496

Our Rates: Begin at $200.00 per hour - 3 hour minimum, Mileage costs adjusted as to time and distance traveled.
Mailing Address: 1394 W. Misty Fen Way, West Jordan, Utah 84088