"Not too tall to be intimidating, but just
high enough for a fun challenge."

omething different and fun
Our rock climbing walls are perfect for a business promotional event, corporate functions, trade shows, conventions, grand openings, and charity events since people at these events are looking for something extraordinary, different, and fun to do instead of the normal run-of-the-mill activity. Impress, attract, and infuse excitement into any event.

he way down is just as fun
After a fun and exciting climb, a person can easily and seamlessly return back to the earth using the auto-belay system. This system is safe as it meets all national standards (ASTM F-24); it is a pulley and hydraulic system that makes this a fun activity. Rock On Rock Climbing is fully insured. View our Blog - Click Here

Rock Climbing Wall
Climbing Wall Party Event

Climbing Wall Salt Lake - Provo - Ogden - Utah
afety is key
Our uniformed staff is trained to help climbers have a fun, safe time on the wall. We are also fully insured and can provide insurance coverage for event hosts and property owners, if desired. All necessary equipment for climbers is included when you rent the wall for your event. Our auto-belay system meets ASTM F-24 safety requirements.

For Reservations please call (801) 233-9496
Our Rates: $200.00 per hour - 3 hour minimum, Mileage costs adjusted as to time and distance traveled.
Call for details.  We're happy to work with you.

Mailing Address:
1394 W. Misty Fen Way, West Jordan, Utah 84088